Ever wonder why people move abroad? It’s easy to think of workers and retirees, but what about the rest of us? What are the different types of expats? Table of Contents 10 Types of Expats10 Reasons People Move AbroadYour Turn 10 Types of Expats In this detailed infographic (by Internations), you’ll learn about the ten […]

Interested in the cost of living in Granada Spain? Nick Hilden is a freelance writer who lived there for a year. He blogs at Life Done Write. I’ll let him explain… Table of Contents What’s the Cost of Living in Granada Spain?Housing in Granada Spain: Roughly $800Transport in Granada Spain: $40Food & Grocery Costs in Granada Spain: VariesEntertainment in Granada Spain: Cheap. […]

Interested in the cost of living about a sailboat while cruising around the world? It is surprisingly inexpensive. Dana Greyson and Wayne Seitz (GalleyWenchTales.com) are experienced sailors and share all their specifics in this details cost of living post. Lets get started… For us, traveling by sailboat (“cruising”) is a bit like an RV on the water, […]

So, where are the top expat countries? What is the best country for expats? It can be a little hard to sort through all the options. Especially given that there are almost 200 countries in the world today. (Current count is between 195-196 depending on if Taiwan is counted). Our readers frequently tell us that choosing a […]

Interested in the cost of living in Muscat, Oman? Carrie Brummer (ArtistThink.com) is an American expat living in Muscat with her Canadian husband and she shares all the specifics in this post. I’ll let her explain… Carrie Brummer shares her cost of living in Muscat, Oman Hello, my name is Carrie Brummer. I currently live in […]

Considering a move to Taiwan? What is the real cost of living there? Andrew Bliss is an American living in Tainan, Taiwan. Here is his cost of living: Cost of living in Tainan Taiwan: $1,500/month Table of Contents My Cost of Living in Tainan TaiwanFood Costs in TaiwanTaiwan Rental CostsHealth Costs in TaiwanEntertainment in TaiwanTransportation Costs in Taiwan What Costs More in Taiwan?6 Things That […]

Thinking about a move to Hoi An, Vietnam? What’s the cost of living there? Rebekah Voss is an American currently based in Vietnam. Learn all about her cost of living in the city of Hoi An. Table of Contents My Hoi An, Vietnam cost of living: $550/monthMy Cost of Living in Hoi An, VietnamWhat Costs More in Vietnam?4 Things That Cost Less […]

Interested in the cost of living in Yangon or Bangkok? Bennett Stevens (co-founder of Luminous Journeys Travel & Tours) lives in both cities and shares all the specifics! I’ll let him explain… It seems like more and more people these days are looking not only to travel to exotic destinations, but to actively road test them as places […]

In this post, you’ll find our picks for the top “how to start a blog” books. They include the business of blogging, content marketing, outsourcing, writing, lifestyle design and more. Table of Contents How to Start a Blog: Top 16 Books for Business Bloggers16 Best Business Blogging Books1. ProBlogger 2. Bloggers Boot Camp3. Content Rules4. Attention! […]

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