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Interested in the cost of living in Granada Spain? Nick Hilden is a freelance writer who lived there for a year. He blogs at Life Done Write. I’ll let him explain… What’s the Cost of Living in Granada Spain? Simply put, Spain is a pretty cheap place in general, at least as long as you stay away from [...]

Interested in the cost of living about a sailboat while cruising around the world? It is surprisingly inexpensive. Dana Greyson and Wayne Seitz ( are experienced sailors and share all their specifics in this details cost of living post. Lets get started… For us, traveling by sailboat (“cruising”) is a bit like an RV on the water, [...]

So, where are the top expat countries? What is the best country for expats? It can be a little hard to sort through all the options. Especially given that there are almost 200 countries in the world today. (Current count is between 195-196 depending on if Taiwan is counted). Our readers frequently tell us that choosing a [...]

Interested in the cost of living in Muscat, Oman? Carrie Brummer ( is an American expat living in Muscat with her Canadian husband and she shares all the specifics in this post. I’ll let her explain… Carrie Brummer shares her cost of living in Muscat, Oman Hello, my name is Carrie Brummer. I currently live in [...]

Considering a move to Taiwan? What is the real cost of living there? Andrew Bliss is an American living in Tainan, Taiwan. Here is his cost of living: Cost of living in Tainan Taiwan: $1,500/month My Cost of Living in Tainan Taiwan You can live a comfortable Taiwanese existence spending about $1500/month. If you are an English teacher, you can expect to [...]

Thinking about a move to Hoi An, Vietnam? What’s the cost of living there? Rebekah Voss is an American currently based in Vietnam. Learn all about her cost of living in the city of Hoi An. My Hoi An, Vietnam cost of living: $550/month You could VERY easily spend less if you’re willing to rough it – a one-room apartment with absolutely [...]

Interested in the cost of living in Yangon or Bangkok? Bennett Stevens (co-founder of Luminous Journeys Travel & Tours) lives in both cities and shares all the specifics! I’ll let him explain… It seems like more and more people these days are looking not only to travel to exotic destinations, but to actively road test them as places [...]

In this post, you’ll find our picks for the top “how to start a blog” books. They include the business of blogging, content marketing, outsourcing, writing, lifestyle design and more. How to Start a Blog: Top 16 Books for Business Bloggers When I first heard about blogging, I didn’t really see the potential. In late [...]

Seems like a simple enough question. What is an expat? It doesn’t really sound that complicated. What is the definition of expatriate? Who is an Expat? A reader asked this question: “Why are people who simply choose to live another country called expats? A true Expat is an individual who has renounced their citizenship from the country in [...]

Blogging is a great way to share information, connect with other travelers, and make some money. It can also be tricky. Different than writing about products, recipes or fashion, blogging about travel (or living abroad) means writing about culture. This means lots of opportunities to offend. Cultural issues touch people on a personal level and the possibility of [...]

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