Bryan Haines

If you love to travel, you should start a travel blog. It isn’t hard – and it can be profitable. We’ve been full-time bloggers for many years. In this post, you’ll learn how to start a travel blog and become a professional travel blogger. Starting a blog isn’t very hard. Visit, setup a blog for free and [...]

Think about starting a business abroad? In this guest post by Richard Lacey (bio) you’ll learn about ten things to consider – both potentially rewarding and challenging. 10 Pros and Cons of Starting a Business Abroad Starting a new business is always a challenge. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or this is your first crack [...]

Considering a move abroad? In this guest post, Dan Thompson will share 10 reasons to live abroad. Dan is an expat living in Brazil. Full bio Top 10 Reasons to Live Abroad: Guide for Future Expats So here’s the deal: Why do you want to move abroad? Some folks become expats because they want to lower [...]

This is a guest post by Alex Mastin: “I have a passion for travel and great coffee, which allows me to traverse the globe and experience new cultures and coffee beans. Learn more about  my journey (or rather: obsession) over at HomeGrounds” Like any sensible traveller I try to plan my adventures around the important things: local [...]

Ever wonder why people move abroad? It’s easy to think of workers and retirees, but what about the rest of us? What are the different types of expats? 10 Types of Expats In this detailed infographic (by Internations), you’ll learn about the ten types of expats. (See the full inforgraphic below.) Here is the full [...]

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