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Living in Switzerland

Thinking About Living in Switzerland? Here are 10 Pros and Cons

Thinking about living in Switzerland? In this guest post by Lucy Ferguson (bio) you'll learn the pros and cons about living in Switzerland as an expat. Thinking About Living in ...
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Moving to Lucerne Switzerland

Moving to Lucerne Switzerland? 10 Things to Know (Cost of Living, Language, Culture…)

Thinking about moving to Switzerland? In this post by Lucy Ferguson (bio) you'll learn what you need to know before moving to the city of Lucerne in Switzerland. They include ...
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Facts about Costa Rica

79 Facts about Costa Rica (Travelers and Expats) Food, Attractions, Culture, Photos…

If you're curious about Costa Rica, this post will help. In this huge guide, you'll learn 79 facts about Costa Rica, including food, attractions, political structure, population, cities, and much ...
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Israel facts

78 Facts about Israel (Travelers and Expats) Food, Attractions, Culture, Photos…

Thinking about a trip to Israel? In this post, you'll learn 78 facts about Israel, including attractions, beaches, food, politics, population, wildlife, and much more. Plus tons of photos and ...
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facts about Spain

77 Facts about Spain (Travelers and Expats) Food, Culture, Visas, Politics, Photos…

Thinking about a move to Spain? I can't say that I haven't thought about it a few times. In this guide, you'll learn 77 facts about Spain, including food, expat, ...
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Facts about India

78 Facts about India (Travelers and Expats) Food, Travel, Culture, Photos…

Have India in your sights? In this guide, you'll learn 78 facts about India, including travel, food, language, top sights, and much more. Plus lots of photos and videos. 78 ...
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Facts about France

79 Facts about France (Travelers and Expats) Food, Culture, Visas, Geography

Have France on the brain? In this huge guide, you'll learn 79 facts about France, including travel, food, expat, culture, national symbols, politics and more. Plus lots of photos and ...
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Facts about Italy

80 Facts about Italy (Travelers and Expats) Food, Culture, Visas, Politics, Photos…

Have Italy on the brain? In this huge guide, you'll learn 80 facts about Italy, including travel, food, expat, culture, national symbols, politics and more. Plus lots of photos and ...
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How to become an online teacher

How to Become an Online Teacher (and Travel Indefinitely)

Want to travel the world but still need to work? Here's how to become an online teacher - and where to find online jobs for teachers. In this guest post ...
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How to make money travel blogging

How to Make Money Travel Blogging: Ultimate Guide to Monetization

Thinking about starting a travel blog to fund your adventures? In this post, you'll learn how to make money travel blogging. It isn't as hard as some people make it ...
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How to start a travel blog

How to Start a Travel Blog: Guide to Becoming a Travel Blogger

If you love to travel, you should start a travel blog. It isn't hard - and it can be profitable. We've been full-time bloggers for many years. In this post, ...
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Travel photography

DSLR Basics for Travel Photography [Ultimate Guide] 13 Lessons

So you want to improve your travel photography? Nice! In this guide, you'll learn how to use your DSLR for your next trip. I'll cover all the DSLR basics - ...
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Moving to Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona? 10 Things to Know (Customs, Cost of Living, Language…)

Are you moving to Barcelona? In this guest post by Annebeth Vis (bio), you'll learn ten things to know before relocating to Barcelona Spain. She covers local customs, cost of living, ...
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Starting a business abroad

Starting a Business Abroad? 10 Pros & Cons to Consider

Think about starting a business abroad? In this guest post by Richard Lacey (bio) you'll learn about ten things to consider - both potentially rewarding and challenging. 10 Pros and Cons ...
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Thinking About Living in Denmark? Here are the 3 Best (and Worst) Things

Thinking about living in Denmark? In this guest post by Kay Xander Mellish (blogger and author) you'll learn about the best and the hardest things about living in Denmark as an ...
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Teaching English abroad

Teaching English Abroad: What It's Really Like in Poland, South Korea, & Myanmar

Thinking about moving abroad to teach English? In this guest post by Zoe MacKenzie, you'll learn what it's like to teach English abroad from 3 TEFL teachers - living in ...
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Israel beaches tips

6 Beach Tips For Enjoying Israel's Mediterranean Coastline (All 196 km)

If you’re visiting Israel anytime between May and October, don’t miss out on going to the beach! Bathing in the warm, clear water of the Mediterranean can easily become the ...
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Reasons to travel abroad

12 Awful Reasons to Travel Abroad

We all know that person. You know - the one who claims to love travel but really has ulterior motives. Here are all of those awful reasons all in one ...
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10 Reasons to live abroad

Top 10 Reasons to Live Abroad: Guide for Future Expats

Considering a move abroad? In this guest post, Dan Thompson will share 10 reasons to live abroad. Dan is an expat living in Brazil. Full bio Top 10 Reasons to ...
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Turkish coffee

8 Hair-Raising Coffee Experiences Around the World

This is a guest post by Alex Mastin: "I have a passion for travel and great coffee, which allows me to traverse the globe and experience new cultures and coffee beans ...
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GoPro travel time lapse tutorial

6 Steps to Create a GoPro Travel Timelapse Video: Settings / Gear

Here are the 6 steps you need to create a travel time-lapse video with your GoPro camera. I include the settings, gear, and tips for composition. While exploring Cuenca, Ecuador ...
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Expat types

The 10 Types of Expats (Reasons Why People Move Abroad)

Ever wonder why people move abroad? It's easy to think of workers and retirees, but what about the rest of us? What are the different types of expats? 10 Types ...
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Nick Hilden cost of living Granada Spain

My Expat Cost of Living in Granada Spain (Nick Hilden)

Interested in the cost of living in Granada Spain? Nick Hilden is a freelance writer who lived there for a year. He blogs at Life Done Write. I’ll let him explain… What’s the ...
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Rodney Bay Marina: Sail the world

Our Cost of Living: Sailing Around the World (Dana Greyson)

Interested in the cost of living about a sailboat while cruising around the world? It is surprisingly inexpensive. Dana Greyson and Wayne Seitz ( are experienced sailors and share all their specifics ...
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Living Abroad: The Bad Days (How 7 Expat Families Cope) 

When we were planning our move abroad we didn't give much thought to bad days. We were focused on how amazing everything would be in Ecuador. And there has been a lot of amazing!

So don’t feel guilty when you have bad days, you are not alone! Moving abroad is a big deal and sometimes adjusting to it is really difficult.

Papiamento Phrases

122 Papiamento Phrases: How to Speak Papiamento (Word List and Resources)

Planning a trip to the Dutch Caribbean islands? You might want to learn a few papiamento phrases. In this post, you'll get key papiamento phrases (122 word list) and get the resources you need to improve your skills.

The first words you'll probably hear when you arrive in Aruba are “Bon Bini!”